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Jeff Golden Visa Copy
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Jeff DeCicco

Chief Operating Officer, Golden Gate Global, USA
Brennan Sim
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Brennan Sim

Global Sales, EB5 United, USA
Basil UDC Copy
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Basil Bachos

Sales & Marketing Director, United Development Company, Qatar
Daniel Vanuatu Copy
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Daniel Agius

Chief Operating Officer, Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau, Vanuatu
Niral KLD Copy
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Niral Patel

Partner, KLD LLP, USA
Eleanna Machas Partner Copy
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Eleanna Karvouni

Senior Associate, Machas & Partners Law Firm, Greece
David Investment Visa Copy
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David Poston

CEO & Managing Director at Investment Visa, Harland & Poston Group, Portugal & Greece
Christos Vardikos Copy
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Christos Th. Vardikos

Attorney At Law And Consul Of The Commonwealth Of Dominica, Vardikos & Vardikos, Greece & Dominica
Rhea EB5 Capital Copy
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Rhea Nundy

Manager, Investor Relations, EB5 Capital, USA
Vineet Sobha Reality Copy
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Vineet Kumar

Leading Direct Sales, Sobha Realty, Dubai
Vasileios Machas Copy
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Associate, Machas & Partners Law Firm, Greece
Maria Do Ceu Santiago
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Maria do céu Santiago

Partner, HAYMAN-WOODWARD, Portugal
Akshat Usif Copy
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Akshat Gupta

Director Of Business Development, India, U.S. Immigration Fund, USA
Girish CMB Copy
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Girish Mohile

Vice President For CMB Swiss CO GmbH (“CMB Swiss Co”), CMB Regional Centers, USA
Zuhair Grnata Copy
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Zuhair AlDallal

Public Relationship Manager, Grnata Real Estate, Bahrain
Haris Helios Copy
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Haris Menelaou

MRICS – Director Of Gate Greece Properties, Greece
Muninder Pal Singh Copy
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Muninder Pal Singh

Director & Practice Head, Strategic Consulting, Cushman & Wakefield
Adam Peachtree Copy
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Adam Greene

Executive Vice President EB-5, Peachtree Group, USA
5. Aarushi Gupta
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Aarushi Gupta

Managing Director - India, Donoso & Partners, LLC, USA
Zen Resimax Copy
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Ken Dodds

Director, Resimax Group, Australia
Jatin Peachtree Copy
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Jatin Desai

CFO, Peachtree Group, USA
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Khurshed Gandhi

Managing Director, Strategic Consulting, Cushman & Wakefield