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Matt Hogan
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Matt Hogan

Vice President of Project Development, CMB Regional Centers, USA-EB5
17. Stephen Isidore 1 1
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Stephen Isidore

Legal Consultant & Senior Corporate Counsel, WhinChester Corporate PowerHouse, Dominica
MattYoung 1
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Matt Young

Vice President of Project Development, CMB Regional Centers
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Peter Spruit

Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Cosmo, Netherlands
Stephen Smith
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Stephen Smith

Founder & President, EB5 Coast to Coast
2. Asel Talipova International Sales Manager Barratt London London
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Asel Talipova

International Sales Manager, Barratt London
3. Eustace Coutinho Head Of MENA India Barratt London London1
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Eustace Coutinho

Head of MENA & India, Barratt London
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Leena Motwani

Associate Vice President, Arton Capital, Montenegro
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Abhinav Lohia

Director, Golden Gate Global, USA
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Jeff De Cicco

Managing Director and Global Head of Business Development, Golden Gate Global, USA
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Shaeen Samath

Head of Sales, Grit Property Group, Australia
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Dr Samuel Sciberras

Legal Associate, PKF Malta
2 David Machado 3
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David Machado

Co-Founder, PTGoldenVisa, Portugal
5. Joao Vasco Frade 3
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Co-Founder, The Golden Visa Portugal
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Pardeep Kumar

CFA, Managing Director – South Asia, Houston EB5
12.Bassel Babbili 1
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Bassel Babbil

Senior Investment Consultant & Founder of the Agency Department, Property Turkey Platform
15.Anubhuti Dhand
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Anubhuti Dhand

Director, Investor Relations – India, EB5 Capital
20. Krishnamoorthy Executive Director Tropicana Malaysia
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Executive Director, Tropicana, Malaysia
19. Navdeep Singh Director Client Advisory Business Development Malta RIF Trust UK Spain Malta1
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Navdeep Singh

Director - Client Advisory & Business Development (Malta), RIF Trust, Spain & UK
20.Seewraj Nundlall1
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Seewraj Nundlall

Counsellor (Investment & Trade), Economic Development Board Mauritius
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Deepanshu Choudhry

Licensed lawyer and Head of Legal, Step Global Group, Canada
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Mark Davies

Managing Partner, Davies & Associates
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Jagdeep Bhatia

Senior Channel Sales Manager, Banyan Tree Group, Thailand
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Tiago Camara

Co-Founder, PT Golden Visa, Portugal
13. Ignacio Donoso 3
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Ignacio A. Donoso

Managing Partner & Founder, Donoso and Partners LLC
1. Brett Ashcroft Green  Speaker 3
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Brett Ashcroft - Green

Director of Asia Pacific Markets, US Immigration Fund
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Rodolfo Rodrigues

Director, Square's Commercial
5. Aarushi Gupta
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Aarushi Gupta

Managing Director, India Operations, Donoso & Partners LLC, Canada
Karim Elsayyad
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Karim Elsayyad

Associate Director – Sales, Nakheel, UAE
23. Eric Mcafee Chairman Aemetis Inc
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Eric Mcafee

Chairman, Aemetis Inc. USA EB-5
FernandoMadeira 1
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Fernando Madeira

Director, Way to Portugal, Portugal
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Rajanya Ravasia

Founder & Director, Adventum Group, UK
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Mr. Oleg Railean

CEO & Co-Founder, Amber Star Real Estate, Portugal
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Anahita George

Immigration Attorney, EB5 Affiliate Network, USA
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Megan Hamilton

Business Development Manager, Vertex Alliance, Malta
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Mr. Kumar Pratik

Business Development Executive, CS Global Partners, Caribbean
7. Ray Leary 2
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Ray Leary

CEO, Fresh Start UK
Mimoun A. Assraoui 3
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Mimoun A. Assraoui

CEO, RIF Trust
8. Akash Parekh
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Akash Parekh

Vice President – Sales, Strokes & Ground, Portugal
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Ashley Flucas

General Counsel, US Immigration Fund
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Samir Jain

Managing Director – GCC, India and South East Asia, EB5 Affiliate Network, USA EB5
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Faizan Bashir

Country Head, Shuraa, Dubai
11. Sam Silverman Photo
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Sam Silverman

Managing Partner, EB5 Affiliate Network, USA
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Bruno Saraiva

Director, Remax Universal, Way to Portugal, Portugal
view profile

Reza Rahbaran

President, Motcomb, USA
view profile

Sneha Sharma

Director, Adventum Group, UK
view profile

Inga Valerie Wellings

Business Development Manager, CS Global Partners, Caribbean
view profile

Mr Nicolas Salerno

Board Member, Investaureum, Portugal
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