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Real Estate in Qatar

UDC United Development Co.

We at United Development Company (UDC) recognize the evolving landscape of real estate investment in Qatar and are committed to showcasing the abundant opportunities and benefits it presents. Our focus on highlighting Qatar's inviting residency scheme and the associated advantages of property ownership is therefore paramount. Qatar's position as an attractive destination for foreign investments is bolstered by its stable economy, strategic geographic location, and progressive policies. The Pearl and Gewan Islands, developed by UDC, stand as prime examples of... Read More

Real Estate in Dubai

Francis Alfred

Managing Director, Sobha Realty, Dubai

Sobha Realty's participation at IREX reflects our pursuit of quality and exceptional standards in real estate. With our flagship projects showcased here, especially the Sobha Orbis, we are not simply offering properties, but giving investors the opportunity to invest in pioneering projects that are redefining urban living. Rooted in luxury, innovation, and sustainability, our developments offer not just a place to reside, but a lifestyle to embrace.. We welcome investors to join us, as we shape the future of inspiring... Read More

Real Estate in Qatar

Matthew Warner BA Dip PVL MRICS

Head of Real Estate at JMJ Group Holding

Recent changes to the law on foreign ownership in Qatar are likely to drive real interest from forward-looking international investors seeking to balance their investment portfolios and to benefit from an extraordinary array of associated benefits. These benefits are quite wide and (subject to the category of investment and related terms) can include for permanent residency, enhanced health care privilege, education benefits for children, and family residency. When you combine this with the recent wider availability of Mortgages, potential for... Read More

Real Estate in Scotland

Pav Masutes


Edinburgh has recently been crowned the best city in the world by Time Out magazine, and it remains a great place to live, work, invest in and visit. The tourism sector in Scotland has shown great resilience, as in 2022, international visitors made 3.2 million visits to Scotland, staying for 29.7 million nights and spending £3,151 million. While visits were down 7% compared to 2019, the number of nights went up by 9% and visitor spending by 24% in nominal... Read More

Real Estate in Greece

GREEN Properties

Introducing GREEN Properties, a premier real estate and development company, specializing in offering profitable investment opportunities tailored for those seeking to obtain a Golden Visa in Greece. With a proven track record of delivering exclusive properties that meet the criteria for Golden Visa qualification, we provide our clients with not just real estate, but pathways to residency and investment success. At GREEN Properties we understand the importance of staying ahead of real estate trends to offer our clients the most... Read More

USA EB5 Visa Program

Brennan Sim

Global Sales, EB5 United, USA

In recent years, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program has witnessed a series of transformative trends. The Reform and Integrity Act (RIA) of 2022 ushered in investor-friendly changes, streamlining processes and enhancing transparency. Here are some of the new benefits to the EB-5 Program. Concurrent filing now empowers US-based applicants such as H-1B work visa holders and F-1 student visa holders to work and live freely in the US prior to Green Card Approval, facilitated by an Employment Authorization Document (EAD)... Read More

USA EB5 Visa Program

Matt Hogan

Vice President of Project Development, CMB Regional Centers

The EB-5 program is continuing to see a resurgence of interest. EB-5 investors have many options to choose from, but it is now more important than ever to carefully select the regional center that will best meet your goal of receiving a US Green Card. It is equally important to select the best EB-5 projects. Many investors have been drawn to rural projects due to the larger visa set-asides and priority processing, but none of that will matter if an... Read More

USA EB5 Visa Program

Nicholas Mastroianni III,

President of U.S. Immigration Fund

The recent trends within the EB-5 Visa Program have been particularly notable for the marked increase in interest from the Indian market, an evolution that underscores the global appeal of the United States as a destination for both investment and residency. We are not only observing but also actively engaging with this burgeoning interest, particularly as it manifests in one of the world's most vibrant economies. This engagement includes our excitement to attend the upcoming IREX in Mumbai, an event... Read More